Planning a successful project

Welcome!  Whether you are organising a chess club, an chess themed event, a competitive tournament or a school programme, it takes considerable effort to ensure that a chess project is successful. We have considerable experience at organising chess projects and wish to share this with you. It is essential that you follow a professional approach to project management. In addition, there are some considerations reflecting the chess aspects of the project. We have prepared this guide on how to plan and run a successful chess project. This is in the form of an e-book that you can flip through

To inspire you with what is possible, we have brought together descriptions of some chess projects in recent years which have made an impact.  We would also draw your attention to the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union which has funded several international chess projects. We provide some guidance on applying for Erasmus+ funding. We also outline how to organise a fundraising event. It is important to support any funding applications with data and we have gathered studies and surveys of interest. 

In order for chess to expand in schools, a professional approach is required, taking into account the latest pedagogical methods and educational research. The ECU endorses a range of teacher training courses covering chess in primary school, chess for early years and chess and mathematics. 

We also have a newsletter, “First Rank” for teachers and chess instructors.