Erasmus & Chess Projects

ECU partners with the C.S.E.N. the largest Sports Promotion Body in Italy, with sports division dedicated to chess for educational purposes, for the CGS project that has been approved by Erasmus+ program (European Union) with a € 420.000 grant.

ECU CIS Presentation in EU Parliament 24th February 2016

CHESS: A GAME TO SPREAD AT SCHOOL” (CGS), is a project aimed at primary school teachers and in part to early childhood, to give them a pedagogical training tool, capable of addressing the educational needs of their pupils, to obtain – thanks to the game of chess introduced in the classroom – the development of key competences, functional to counteracting the poor results of the students, in particular in the scientific subjects. By the end of the project, hundreds of teachers will have successfully peer trained with the CGS method. They should capable of training other colleagues with the Peer Education Method. 6,500 children will have learned chess at school, with significant benefits in overall social and academic performance.

The main role of ECU and its Educational Commission is to create and provide to EU the best practise and guidelines for chess in classrooms and a final training model for school teachers across Europe. Additionally to collaborate for the creation of a chess distance learning platform.

The project submitted in April and approved in September 2020.

The Chess in School conference with Erasmus+ meetings and programs will take place from 11th-14th May 2022 in Zurich, Switzerland.

Chess in school conference under the name “Chess: a Game to be Spread in Schools” (CGS) will be held on 14th of May, in Dorint Airport Hotel.

The Conference will be held in the English language and it will be open (free admission) to interested participants: federations officials, teachers, educators, chess instructors etc.

To register for the Conference you just need to send an email to indicating your name, surname, school (or Association, Company, etc..) belonging, your email address and address of the sending/belonging organisation – before 10 may 2022 to be admitted.

The Conference will feature following themes:

  • CGS project overall presentation
  • Psychomotricity on giant chessboard – CATLE/ERASMUS+ project
  • The final report of the CGS research
  • Chess and Coding presentation
  • Guidelines for Teachers presentation
  • Interactive online training platform

The speakers of the Conference includes till now: ECU Secretary General, Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou, Luis Blasco de la Cruz (Club Villalba 64), Davide Della Rina – Turin University, Chairman of ECU EDU Commission Jesper Hall, Miriam Minardi – CSEN, Alessandro Dominici – Alfiere Bianco, ECU president Zurab Azmaiparashvili, ECU Vice President and FIDE Managing Director Dana Reizniece Ozola, and Bea Johner  – President of Chess4kids Association Zurich.

The current program of the Conference can be downloaded here.

The CGS program partners will meet during the TPM3 program which takes place from 11th-13th May also in Zurich. The CGS partners will discuss the modalities and objectives of multiplier events, as well as the updating of teaching models.

ECU in Education seminar 1

ECU in education seminar 2